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Embedded Hardware Engineer

Job Summary:

Title : Embedded Hardware Engineer (Full-time)
Location : Dhaka, Bangladesh
Salary : BDT 30,000 (Based on experience)
Festival Bonus : 02
Salary review : Yearly
Working days : 5 days/week
Lunch : Partially subsidized

What you will be doing:

As an Embedded Hardware Engineer, you would be a part of an innovative team motivated to transform ideas into low-cost cutting-edge environmental monitoring system. You will mainly be responsible for:

  1. Research and development of new environmental monitoring sensor-logger systems (includes hardware and firmware).
  2. Maintain knowledge of trends in sensor development in the field of environmental monitoring (e.g., temperature, humidity, moisture, pH, EC, precipitation, solar radiation, wind).
  3. Collaborate with calibration and manufacturing teams to validate product features and system functionality.

Who you are:

Job experience is preferable but not mandatory to apply for this position. You, however, must have to have a bachelor’s degree in Electronics (minimum CGPA 3.25) from a reputed university with a demonstrated passion for electronics and invention using AVR/PIC/ESP/STM/MSP ecosystem. You also must have hands-on experience with CAD tools, including schematic, PCB, signal integrity, and timing analysis. Working experience with a mix of high-level (e.g., Python) and low-level programming language (e.g., C, Assembly) is a must. We also expect that you have sound knowledge in ultra-low power design, wireless protocols (e.g., BLE, NFC, RF), signal integrity analysis (pre- and post-PCB), designing analog/mixed-signal interfaces, different communication protocols (e.g., I2C, SPI, UART, USB, USART), and debugging practices (JTAG and associated GDB integration).

Software Engineer

We are looking for a Software Engineer to join CredoSense! If you thrive in fast-working, team-based environments and are passionate about developing software, web applications that will impact the world… then this is for you!
The Software Engineer will be working on one leading title, acting as a key member of the engineering team. You are the type of person who can handle a fair amount of work freedom while understanding how to manage yourself. Knowing that “with great power comes great responsibility,” you move fast, and you thrive off of new solutions to unique problems. You know when to build something on your own or when to leverage existing solutions and have confidence in your skills to make critical decisions.
What You’ll Be Doing (Responsibilities)
  • You’ll be playing both in the front and back end. 
  • You’ll be developing and designing different components of our e-commerce application.
  • You’ll be working with other members of our team to deliver high-impact, environmental sensor-logger products.
  • You’ll be keeping features you worked on well documented and well tested.
  • You’ll be ensuring the performance, scalability, reliability, and security of our application and its environment.
  • You’ll be developing internal tools and our internal portal used by our team.
  • You’ll be working with a series of production deployments.
  • You’ll be talking about e-commerce, sensors, PCB, signal integrity, and timing analysis.
Max Level Skills (Requirements)
  • A degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or equivalent education and experience
  • Excellent Python programming skills (almost borderlining parseltongue), or similar language — 2+ years of professional working experience; 4+ years including academia
  • Experience and familiarity with SQL. You can design database schemas for large features and conjure queries to make the database give what you want— 2+ years of professional working experience
  • Familiarity with a Python web framework, such as Django
  • Familiarity with a Python ORM, such as: SQLAlchemy, Django ORM
  • Familiarity with QT
  • Knowing when to use the database and when to use the cache with caching systems, such as redis, memcached.
  • Comfortable in managing the performance and reliability of servers.
Bonus Skills (Nice-to-haves)
  • Knowledge of environmental monitoring sensor-logger systems (includes hardware and firmware)
  • Knowledge of trends in sensor development in the field of environmental monitoring (e.g., temperature, humidity, moisture, pH, EC, precipitation, solar radiation, wind sensors)
  • Knowledge of cloud services (i.e., Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform)
Salary: BDT25, 000 (depending on knowledge and experience).
Application Deadline: 25 May 2021

Python Developer (Deadline Exceeded)

Job Summary:

Title : Python Developer (Full-time)
Vacancy : 01 (one)
Location : Dhaka, Bangladesh
Salary : BDT 20,000–30,000 (negotiable depending on expertise)
Festival Bonus : 02
Salary review : Yearly
Working days : 5 days/week
Lunch : Partially subsidized
Deadline to apply : 12 February 2021
Joining date : March 2021 (approximately)

Job Description:

CredoSense is looking for a Python Developer to join a fantastic team mostly located in Dhaka to help develop and maintain various software products. As a Python Developer you will write and implement software solutions that integrate different systems: web, third-party apps, and electronic devices. You will build highly responsive web applications that align with our business needs. You will also implement security and data protection.


– A Bachelor’s degree from any reputed university
– There is no minimum CGPA requirement (we believe more in you than CGPA!)
– Must have knowledge of Python, Django, and e-commerce, and, preferably, other popular web frameworks
– Experience in DjangoSHOP is preferable
– Fluency in front-end technologies such as JavaScript or Bootstrap
– Experience in GUI frameworks such as PyQT, Kivy, or Tkinter would be an asset.
– Good problem-solving skills
– Professional maturity to work in a fun and relaxed work environment